3 of the Most Beautiful Coastal Destinations in Europe

Cinque Terre

Are you looking for a holiday with a little bit of surprise and originality? You should consider some of the coastal cities of Europe which has a lot of local character and offers a culture that is different from others. Some of these coastal cities are highly underrated but boasts of modern art museums, prehistoric caves and almost everything that a modern European city offers.

We suggest that you start packing your bags to visit some of these beautiful coastal cities. But where will you start? Fret not; we have compiled a list of the 3 most beautiful coastal cities in Europe that you must visit on your next vacation.

Mykonos, Greece

There are only a handful places in this world that is probably more charming than Mykonos. My buddy at recommends if you are looking for a beach destination, then you simply cannot ignore this stunningly beautiful coastal city in Greece. Every beach in Mykonos boasts of crystal clear waters and golden sands; no wonder tourists say that all beaches look straight out of paradise. Mykonos is a luxury destination and, not surprisingly, its accommodation options are no different. The Myconian Ambassador is one of the best hotels in the world although the room charges will create a dent in your bank balance.

The city of Mykonos can be explored just by walking and anyone would fall in love with the white-washed houses and the odd blue dome of the church that sticks out in the distant horizon. But do you know why all the houses in Mykonos have white-washed walls? Well, the trend started many centuries ago to reflect the harsh rays of the sun. Want to learn more about this magical place? Then do come here on your next vacation trip to have a perfect holiday.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre in Italy is made up of 5 coastal villages but the most romantic one is Vernazza. This is a colourful cliffside town that was built around 1000 AD. The small harbour on one side is dotted with vibrant buildings in different hues of sky blue, sun yellow and brick red. On the other side of the town, the 11th century old Tower of Doria Castle look \s out to the sea thereby creating a picture postcard image of this beautiful coastal town of Vernazza.

You can get to Vernazza by hopping on a train from Levanto or La Spezia. And if you are looking to appreciate the beauty of coastal town right from the sea then you can just take a ferry boat from Monterosso which is located north of Vernazza.

Algarve, Portugal

The coastal city of Algarve draws loads of tourists every year and is regarded as an extremely popular vacation spot. The city enjoys 300 days of sunshine and has a spectacular rocky coastline that gives the city a rugged feel. Algarve is easily accessed from anywhere in Europe. The coastal city spreads over the entire Southern coast of Portugal and this historic place lots of architectural attractions, yummy dining places and great surfing opportunities.

Visiting Las Vegas without going broke

Las Vegas

Las Vegas in Nevada is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world which offers something for everybody – world class buffets, live shows, casinos et al.

It is a magical place but like all other good things in this world, it is a bit pricey. The drinks are really overpriced; you can go broke while playing poker or end up wasting a lot of money on the Cirque du Soleil shows. But you can actually visit Las Vegas without going broke if you just use a little bit of your brain. Or to make things simple for you, you can just follow these tips to save your money in Las Vegas.

1) Stay at older hotels

The MGM Grand and the Cosmopolitan are in the heart of the Vegas Boulevard but staying in any of these hotels would create a big hole in your pocket. There is absolutely no need to stay in these hotels and enjoy all the luxurious amenities by paying such high prices.  

You can actually save a lot of money by choosing to stay in one of the older hotels such as Riviera and Circus Circus. These hotels generally provide heavy discounts to attract clients and even include perks like discounts for local sight-seeing and free meals at the hotel restaurant. Some of these older hotels are located a bit far from the Vegas Boulevard but that is hardly a cause for concern as you can reach the business area just by taking a short ride on the monorail.

2) Avoid the strip clubs

The classic idea of reaching Vegas and visiting one of the nude bars is simply a disastrous idea. To tell you the truth every visitor in Vegas has this same idea and is not unusual to find the strip clubs choc-a-bloc with people. So you will need to be very lucky to actually see a stripper. The drinks here are way overpriced and, as travel pundits say, the clubs are there to make you shed money. So it is a good idea to avoid these places altogether.

3) Get comps at casinos

There is no denying the fact that you will end up spending a lot of time in the casinos even though you are not going to stay in one of those posh hotels. But, contrary to popular belief,  you can actually save some money at the casino.

First one needs to approach the Players Club office at the casino where you are going to spend the maximum time. After you get the Players Club Card, just present it every time you sit at the game table and always insert it each time you play the slot machine. By doing so, you will accumulate points that will let you have free meals, accommodations and lots more. All casinos offer comps but they will reveal it only when you ask about it. So always ask for your rewards and present your card at all locations that accept it.

4) Travel smart

One can save a lot of money in Las Vegas just by traveling smart. Always try to avoid using your car or renting one as far as possible. Just walk to the nearby hotels or casinos and if they are a bit far then you can always hop on the bus or ride the monorail. You may use the local cabs but only hire them to go to places where the driver receives a commission for bringing in clients. In this way you can get a hugely discounted rate or even ride free.

Hiking Holidays in the Italian Alps

Italian Dolomite mountains

Nature loving hikers have always held the Italian Alps as paradise as they get a chance to explore the protected areas which houses eagles, ibex and vultures and the hikers enjoy the real challenge of negotiating the spiralling Sciora peaks.

A hiking holiday in the Italian Alps is the right choice for you if you are keen to explore the real Alps that lay hidden under the innumerable ski resorts and/or if you intend to come face-to-face with the rugged yet beautiful nature of the Italian Alps.

The Dolomites Guided Walk which is also known as Hiking in the Pale Mountains inspires thousands of climbers and walkers every year. The Dolomites are basically a chain of mountains in Northern Italy and it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hikers love to walk between the jagged spires and the scenery is simply breathtaking in nature. The sheer beauty of the landscape will enthral you and the unique combination of cultures, food and welcoming accommodation will surely leave an indelible impression on your mind.

The 7-day Dolomite Guided Hiking Tour is a must if you want to explore the alpine lakes, woods and the vistas. It is a very challenging trek although it is not technically difficult but there are a few climbs that will really set the adrenaline pumping a bit. The hiking tours are usually very well organized leaving no room for complaints whatsoever. The luggage is usually carried by mule and the trails involve at least 4 hours of non-consecutive walk per day. You may also opt for a self-guided tour with/without luggage transfer.

Mountain lake view

For accommodation, choice is limited to mountain refuges and dormitories. They are very welcoming and will take good care of you. One of the better known accommodation options in the Dolomites is the Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa from where you can witness a beautiful sun rise over the rugged Dolomites. If you do stay here do not miss their pancakes and risotto; they are simply delicious!

If you love adventures and hiking is in your blood then you may opt for a lesser known walk than the Dolomites but much more enjoyable  – the Gran Paradiso Adventure. It is one hiking trail which is worth doing and is worth the 5 hours of non-consecutive walk per day. It is a real wilderness experience as the hikers walk through the rugged valleys which is full of wildflowers, the snow-covered passes and the glacial lakes. Gran Paradiso is the 1st national park in Italy and it affords stunningly beautiful views of Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. There is absolutely no comparison for these views and when you walk through the trails we guarantee that you will definitely come across more wild animals than humans. And, lest we forget, you will get a chance to view the reclusive alpine ibex and chamois en route.

The accommodation options are comfortable although it is mainly restricted to dormitory. However, we suggest you opt to stay in Mountain Hotel Gran Paradiso which is at a height of 2000m and is one of the few hotels that is located right inside the national park. the best time to take this trail is during autumn just before the first winter snow. …

Helicopter Tour Keeps You Going, and Going, and Going.

What can be better than showing up at a special event in a helicopter? Be it a business event, wedding or just a fancy lunch at a wine farm. Land in style and make an impression on your business partners, friends, date or classmates when you touch down in a helicopter.

Air travel has become more popular over recent years mainly since many companies are competing to offer the cheapest flights. There are numerous internet based companies providing such affordable flights that most normal travel agents can’t compete with; this has made it much easier for people to afford more weekends away, holidays, and business travel.


Many lookout points are expected to be crowded with people striving for a better view or a better picture. Driving to a beautiful sight means you’re likely to spend some time waiting in traffic. In a helicopter, though, you get to avoid all of that and see the scene without traffic or obstacles. You’ll save time while having a chance to view everything you desire. It also reduces your traveling time; you will not have to go through the process of checking in or wait two hours for a flight.

Safe Experience

Helicopters are thrilling, but safety standards are carefully met by professional helicopter tour companies so that you can enjoy the ride with confidence. If you’re curious about requirements and training for pilots, you can ask the company – they’ll be happy to share the information that will make you feel comfortable.

Get to more places

The greatest advantage the helicopter has over airplanes is its vertical flight ability. Not requiring a runway makes it possible to land in isolated mountaintops, parking lots, remote locations, backyards, even yachts. Several high-end hotels, entertainment venues and stadiums and have their helipads for VIP guests – now there’s a way to make an entrance.

Amazing Vistas

No matter where you are, a helicopter will offer you unique and amazing views. Even an average-looking city can become beautiful when viewed from the air. The modern civilian-use helicopters come with large windows allowing passengers to enjoy the views from above. Prepare yourself mentally for a vacation by taking in beautiful airy views of the natural scenery below while heading towards your destination. Apart from panorama windows, travelers receive their headsets for in-flight communication with one another and the pilot.

Get there in style

Nowadays, helicopters are no longer reserved for only the rich and famous. Many companies are now opening up their services to the average traveler by providing a tour that is likely to give you a VIP-like experience even with the basic package. Let yourself feel pampered by this fantastic opportunity and get the ride of your life.


While there are many reasons to take a chartered helicopter flight, for most, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Helicopter flight in itself is an experience that most find to be fun. By chartering a helicopter flight is an excellent way to mark a special event and create memories that will make a special day all the more special.